Privacy Policy

How to order merchandise?

You can first browse our website for commodities. See your satisfaction with the goods, you can achieve order directly on our website. You can also our website customer service contact order.

I passed the site after seeing your goods feel good, but I do not often online, you can send pictures of some commodities and introduce me?

A: Our website will from time to time for members to send e-mail commodity information. If you have not become a member, you can register directly on our website, very convenient.

Please tell me the reason for shopping here, okay?

  1. We are a company with long experience in the retail business website.
  2. We will bring you high-quality goods and better prices.
  3. A variety of payment options and fast delivery nationwide.
  4. Humane return policy matters.
  5. All products are original regular packing.

Your goods I are very fond of, has purchased a lot, but some how been out of stock? Would that there were no?

Since the site customers to buy a greater amount of goods subject to stock, or you can contact our customer service for layaway website through "arrival notification" button on the website to book merchandise.

All the products can be purchased on the site?

A: The current site to find can be ordered, but there must be a warehouse inventory of products that we can confirm with you. Some hot products are also available through our website to make a reservation, until the goods arrive, we will notify you immediately by phone or e-mail to order.

Why should a member?

  1. Only registered users can order online and enjoy the preferential prices.
  2. Only registered users can log on "Member Center", to use more members shopping features, manage their own data.
  3. Only registered users can register online to other friends messages.
  4. Only registered users may have access to our free gift.

Forgot your password how to do?

In order to protect the interests of customers, we can not see your password. When you forget your password, please visit the registration page, click on the "Forgot Password", the system will automatically email your password to tell you that you can log on "Member Center" to change the password to ensure your interests.

Integral is how so? What is the role?

The level of integration reflects only the degree of your concern and support us. Our integral is generated by ordering goods. For the high points of our customers will have some incentives, such as points to redeem merchandise, price points deductions, gift products, more favorable prices for commodities, in order to repay the majority of customers.